πŸ”© πŸ₯Ά πŸ”ͺ πŸ“± 🧷 🌸 β›“ 🀳 h a n n a h n e c k e l 🀳 β›“ 🌸 🧷 πŸ“± πŸ”ͺ πŸ₯Ά πŸ”©

post virtual art from vienna based online

🌸 how do we generate emotion in an increasingly digitalized world? how do we express our identity by exposing our desire for global interaction? 🌸
πŸ“² our body has become a tool for representation, an extension for our communication. is there still a need for its physical restrictions? can a collective body enable us to connect? πŸ“²
☯️ when a physical form is no longer a necessity, the virtual becomes reality. for everyone to project their own ideals on it ☯️
πŸ’‹ can we still trust physical forms or are they loosing their value of trust by becoming increasingly customizable? πŸ’‹
🀳🏼 how we present ourselves is how we’re perceived. perception is reality and my selfie is who you know me to be 🀳🏼
🚰 we need to update our bodies and transcend its limiting form to liberate ourselves 🚰
🌱 emotion is information. representation is reality. my selfie my self 🌱
πŸ›° what defines us as humans? it seems like we’re finally being liberated from the binding forms we now inhabit, enabling us to reflect on our existence πŸ›°

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