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touch me is a time limited interactive installation questioning the role of the human face in our digitalised society. Three gelatine replicas of my face lay upon a mirrored table. Each at a different stage of decay. The visitors can see through them their own reflection The face in our contemporary society is only one of many tools to form our identity, simultaneously it is assigned more and more power. From a biometric security measure to a construced e-identity, the face as a multimedial concept is more important than ever before. Vouching for our identity even though it can be changed more than ever before.
Do we live in a post-face world?
The faces were created using a carefully developed gelatin casting technique, providing the foundation to achieve the transparent jellylike replications of my face. The faces were placed on a mirrored table, through which you were able to see your own face. Each of the faces were in a different stage of the natural decay process of gelatine as a biomaterial. The visitors were allowed to touch and at the end of the installation, the faces were destroyed, leaving reality in destruction. The experience of tangible objects is increasingly important. Reflecting on virtual faces, Touching Reality is a medium to haptically experice our faces again.
Does Post-Human also mean we're Post-Face?

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