hannah neckel, based online as @cybervoid69, is a Transmedia Artist reimagining the future by merging online and offline worlds in aesthetic bliss ✨


Their multimedia exxxperiences seduce users into a dreamy hyper-space where the digital sphere of the internet and the physical world merge. 

The internet serves as a utopian place of longing, a fountain source for the desire for liberation and community that manifests itself in their works, generated by an interplay of online and offline footage. 
The real space becomes an extended virtual reality, a place of refuge that confronts visitors with their own emotionality, creating a sense of hope for endless possibilities beyond the limitations of the physical world. 

The aesthetics of the internet spill into the space as if from a glass, overflowing and overlapping, merging with the surrounding like the layers of a Photoshop file. 
Creating an immersive experience playing into all senses of the users, transporting them to a vision of a utopian internet where boundaries are transgressed and the self is constructed and reconstructed.

Hannah Neckel studies Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts in the class Brigitte Kowanz / Jakob Lena Knebl, based forever online <3

They are a member of the interdisciplinary artist-led collective room69 developing new and progressive exhibition formats, new media arts and installation. 

Photo by Julian Lee Harather

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