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🐶 doggy 🐶

“doggy” is a staged re-perforance of  “Aus der Mappe der Hundigkeit” by Valie Export (1968) in collaboration with curator Anika Meier, a reflection on the role of women in Austrian society over the last 50 years and how it has changed since.

Immediately after the first Lockdown in Vienna in 2020, the touristic Schönbrunn Palace Park was reopened to the public at that time. Just as people found solace and connection in the online world during lockdown times, they now returned en masse to this public place that had been denied them for months. This constant being online had a profound impact on society, with the type of content we consumed there having a lasting effect on how we viewed the world.

The performance confronts passersby who have been exclusively online for months with a kind of female representation in public that is usually reserved for online spaces, exploring how they react in contrast online and offline. Online, we are desensitized to a certain oversexualized image of women that in physical life evokes shock, shame, and aggression in public. The reaction to this performance is a kind of violence against the representation of femininity.

Provocation and aggression are means of pointing out social ills and stimulating discussion. However, the Internet offers women the opportunity to present themselves as they would like to be seen - to establish the female gaze as an alternative to the male-dominated physical reality in this space and to generate a feminist utopia online.

exhibited at:

Internet: @anika "Doggy Instagram Series" curated by Anika Meier

NYC (USA): Satellite Art Club "Doomsday Evolution" curated by Tong Wang

VIE (AT): The Dessous “Art Kolkhoz” curated by Nikita Sukhov