Purple Angel Wing Heart

 *•̩•̩* ̊dreaming in a dream ̊*·̩*•̩•̩*

collaborative inflatable sculpture project
with Lea Neckel

exhibited at:

Vienna (AT): The Dessous "Pushy” curated by Gert Reisinger 1.-22.april

subverting reality

questioning this origin concept of unbased and romanticized perception of realities.
placing these artificially appearing sculptures, which are inspired by online decentralized subcultures in our physical world. dipped in a soft pink light, they are floating over into physicality and building an invisible bride between
planting the bright pink inflatable sculptures in the physical environment they could seem like 3d rendered elements placed in augmented reality, but are physically present. transforming the space by intermediating between realities.

utilizing technical methods of art production, like plastic welding and 3d printing, the sculptures glow with artificiality, highlighting the interference of the internet in every aspect of our life instead of romanticizing and looking for solutions in the past, these works seduce you to accept what is now reality.

instead of looking to the past we can strive towards a utopian possibility with future technology.