hyper heart 

three videos, two on flatscreen tvs, one on holographic fan, fibreglass sculpture, led, chain, 

Festival, curated by Beda Achermann
Gmunden, AT

"House of Losing Control"
curated by Julia Hartmann
Main Exhibition of Vienna Art Week, Vienna, AT

🌥 what can you feel your dreams yearning for? 🌥

A hyper heart, illuminating the desires for freedom through excess, the emotional overstimulation through oversimulation.  The hyper heart is a reference, spanning a connection of emotionality between the physical and digital life.
Attaching them in excess, yearning for utopia. The utopian dream of limitless freedom, promised in the digital realm. A space without worldly boundaries of the body, the space and time. Serving as a reminder, that this is a possible future, a future we can strive towards through reclaiming the Physicality.

Oversimulating the physical space by overstimulating visitors through emotionally connotated cultural signifiers. Being hyper-aware of their presence and the possibility of occupying space in the body and mind. The bright pink light illuminates the sculpture, luring in the visitors - keeping them under its spell. The promise of utopia through excess of emotions.  

💫 omnipresent excess of emotions 💫

↑ exhibited at Photo.Gmunden

↑ exhibited at Vienna Art Week