kiss me thru the screen

video, sound
with an accompanying research essay

curated by Ana Simona Zelenović
queer museum, Vienna, AT

“intelligence unbound”
curated by Sepideh Majidi
posthumanartnetwork, Internet

curated by Marlene Stahl
Vienna, AT

the video is f







through me

melting my body, merging it with yours 

come closer ‧͙⁺˚*•̩̩͙♡

the character is drowning in their feelings as they ruminate
going with the flow is not easy
you need to let yourself be taken by the stream
it will guide you there
reaching out to for your hand through the screen
can we touch?
can we break through the (surface) tension
were encountering the 3d character
floating on the water, drifting away, reaching out for your hand, your gaze

The video is contemplating on the utopian potential of connection on the internet and the intrinsic longing for community and romance. The poem guides through the stream of the video, as the character ruminates on the topic, being taken by the current, which will eventually lead to our desire. As the water is uniting, dissolving the boundaries and filling the gaps between us, we become one in the ooze.