Purple Angel Wing Heart

post virtual garden

post virtual garden is a durational site specific installation project dealing with the merging of virtual and physical realities. 
2019 - 2020

exhibited at:
London (UK): Austrian Cultural Forum „HYPERSURFACES“ curated by Nicole Tatschl and Caterina Avataneo
Salzburg (AT): Periscope „SUCH SOFTENING LOCK“
Jesteburg (DE): Kunstverein Jesteburg „What cheese are you? Video, Digitalisierung und Internet today“ curated by Malte Struck
Berlin (DE): Re:Publica 2020 Campus „Netzwerke“ curated by Enrique Torres
Wien (AT): Anatolia Schnitzel "*~post virtual garden~* " solo exhibition
Wien (AT): private location "flatconcert nr 5 - rosa"
Oberwart (AT): Offenes Haus Oberwart„30 Jahre OHO“
Chemnitz (GER): Begehung 2019 „Rausch“ 1 Month residency

💻 we all live in a society 💻 
🏩 phones live in a society 🏩 


🌸 aesthetic pleasure 🌸
💎 emotional decadence opulence 💎
💦 overflowing from url to irl 💦
🔋 a new future imagined through integrated realities 🔋
💌 dream world coalesced with internet worlds 💌
🍃 illusion triumphs over reality 🍃
🥀 digital desire 🥀
📲 a post virtual world 📲
⛓ merging our worlds together ⛓
💖 from illusion to immersion 💖
🔗 in aesthetic pleasure 🔗
✨ feels over reals ✨