post virtual garden 

site specific installation
sculpture, video, phones, selfie sticks, led lights, pvc prints

curated by Nicole Tatschl and Caterina Avataneo
Austrian Cultural Forum, London, UK

Periscope, Salzburg, AT

„all the feels!“
curated by Nora Mayr
Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Wien, AT

„What cheese are you? Video, Digitalisierung und Internet today“
curated by Malte Struck
Kunstverein Jesteburg, Jesteburg, DE


Re:Publica 2020 Campus, main exhibition
curated by Enrique Torres

"*~post virtual garden~*"
solo exhibition
Anatolia Schnitzel, Wien, AT

„30 Jahre OHO“
curated by Alfred Masal
Offenes Haus Oberwart, Oberwart, AT

Festival Begehung
Chemnitz, DE

💻 we all live in a society 💻  
🏩 phones live in a society 🏩  


🌸 aesthetic pleasure 🌸
💎 emotional decadence opulence 💎
💦 overflowing from url to irl 💦
🔋 a new future imagined through integrated realities 🔋
💌 dream world coalesced with internet worlds 💌
🍃 illusion triumphs over reality 🍃
🥀 digital desire 🥀
📲 a post virtual world 📲
⛓ merging our worlds together ⛓
💖 from illusion to immersion 💖
🔗 in aesthetic pleasure 🔗
✨ feels over reals ✨

The virtual is no longer a separate space it has overflown into our reality like a glass that is too full, spilling and invading us like a waterfall, a river, a force of nature.
Now we live in a post virtual world; reality, virtuality it is all the same now, a layered world, all merged together in abstraction. 

As a space to realise this project a metaphorical garden is used, giving shape to the fusion of our online - offline - dream spaces. 

A garden is a place similar to our online world, we curate it according to our ideas, our aesthetic understanding and our interests. You care for your plants, rejoice in the beauty and spend time appreciating them. Our online content develops like a flower that we take care of, that we water and that grows as a result. What we pay the most attention to takes on an increasing part, curating this part of our perception. Dream state and our vague concept of reality are often difficult to separate in the perception, the Internet as an additional third space softens these boundaries further and melts them together. Flowing more and more into each other like a Photoshop document in which the different realities are superimposed and together there is a coherent picture. 

A space where IRL and URL are increasingly merging. Two worlds that used to be completely separate grow and evolve and add new levels of reality to each other until they meet in symbiosis. 

The project consists of physical installations, lights, digital collages, prints, sculptures, instagram filters, chains, gifs, videos, 3d animations utilising as many mediums inbetween IRL and URL. For every exhibition it is set up site specifically, transforming the space into the garden and working with the given conditions. For this reason, the instagram filters are quite beneficial. The installation can be room filling, or just take over a wall with a print. In this case, the filter is building the installation in AR, expanding the lack of physical space. It shows the sculptural elements which also exist physically. 

When the installation is large enough for visitors to walk through, the face filter is used. It brings a performance and interactive element to the work. Visitors can access the filter on site via a QR code on their personal phones. Thereby they become participants, using the filter on their face, their phone as an extension of the installation, immersing them in the garden.