revirtualizing - drowning in reality 

inflatable sculptures, led, soft sculptures, metal chain, fountain pump, fibreglass basin, fabric, scent

“revirtualizing - drowning in reality”
Parallel, Vienna, AT

solo position in collaboration with Lea Neckel
supported by Kulturland Burgenland

Based on the cyber-aesthetic of hyper-femme online spaces and their users, this immersive installation reflects the extravagant opulence of utopian visions of the future. A fountain as a sculptural focal point is surrounded by accompanying besties and bathed in luminous pink light, which is reflected in and scattered throughout the sculpture's iridescent material.

Merging the virtual into the physical, this installation offers an emotional XXXperience as a call to possible utopian visions of the future and shows Space as a community-creating impetus. Revirtualizing - drowning in reality translates the phenomenon of digitalization and the quest for balance between real and virtual spaces into an Emotional Experience.

The formal language of the work corresponds to the digital aesthetics of the Internet and highlights its hyper-femme opulent aspects. The dialogue about digital future design is often exclusively male - in contrast, a fem-queer positions generated, leading online as well as offline reality towards a feminist future. Marginalised groups often use online spaces as a retreat and meeting place for their communities.
revirtualizing - drowning in reality aims to give visibility to these communities, and offer the possibility to translate these online spaces into a physical place in which offline coming together and connecting becomes possible. The eternal flow of water in the fountain mirrors the seemingly perpetual flow of the internet. The state of time is completely dissolved and the illusion of a fixed reality is broken. The current actual state is replaced by a positivistic internet utopia.