is an interdisciplinary artist-led collective developing new and progressive exhibition formats, new media arts and installation. We are working inbetween the digital and physical space, in the form of installations, interventions, video and 3d and are mostly known for our google maps squatting project

core69 members are (f.l.t.r.) Josepha Edbauer, Cris Anutoiu, Brooklyn J. Pakathi, Luke Dworschak, Maximilian Prag, Hannah Neckel, Roman Fleischmann

room69 members

The collective’s interests are characterised by common reflections on the complex relationship between artificial and natural worlds, socio-cultural contexts, mediating on hyper-connectivity and displaying their individual responses to notions of fluid networked systems. 
Using conceptual architectural strategies to create hybridized phygital environments that bring attention to their work, the collective use this playground to evaluate contemporary digital cultures.

Each project room69 develops is an opportunity to deploy new creative tactics in playing, meshing, glitching, and re-contextualizing internet spaces as well as extending the analogue understanding. 

The collective work as artists, curators, producers, and researchers, applying experimental and disruptive techniques to formulate a collaborative, open, collective-driven art practice. They operate independently, distributing roles rotationally in order to expand the definitions of artistic practice - each member has an equal and diverse function in operating the collective.

instagram @r00m69

r69 @ raumD MQ Vienna 2022
r69 first google maps exhibition 
r69 digital exhibition on for wrong biennale 2021
r69 at das weisse haus vienna 2023
r69 installation at LA Artcore, USA 2022
r69 for porto futuro in collaboration with umanesimo artificiale in Fano, ITL 2022
r69 installation at Showroom Karlsplatz in Vienna, 2022
r69 installation at Monolog Gallery in Belgrade Serbia, 2022
r69 installation at sehsaal in Vienna, AT, 2023

exhibitions with room69


Vienna (AT) Das Weisse Haus “lost to the digital ether
Vienna (AT) Sehsaal “concrete metamorphosis” for Best Austrian Animation Festival 


Vienna (AT) Raum D, Museumsquartier “nowhere in particular
Los Angeles (USA) LA Artcore “ambient occlusion: desired paths” curated by Pranay Reddy 
Vienna (AT) Showroom Kalsplatz “like the lines of my body are melting away
Belgrade (SRB) Monolog Gallery + Online Google Maps “balancing through breaking brightness. concrete depths” curated by Jan Gustav Fiedler 
Fano (ITL) Porto Futuro + Online Google Maps “wash me over (gently, softly)
Online Google Maps “stack overflow” for Wrong Biennale 


Vienna (AT) room69 “somewhere between there and here
Online Google Maps “i wish you were not here