ultra hyper paradise 

video, sculpture, led, monster cans, fake flowers, tull fabric, 3d print

"Somewhere Between There And Here"
curated by Brooklyn J. Pakathi
offsite location, Vienna, AT

curated by Clara & Vera Grillmayer
Never at Home, Vienna, AT

🌥 what can you feel your dreams yearning for? 🌥

a seducing installation featuring a centrally staged heart sculpture and a video poem explores the desire for a utopian future.

The auratic realness of the installation is seducing visitors to explore the space evoking an emotional xxxperience by utilising cultural signifiers of internet cultures and amplifying hyper femme influences. These sensual dream spaces help us to envision reality and possible futures, making a utopia imaginable again.
A utopian world of connection and community.
The ecstasy of utopia – a space more real than reality itself. More dreamy than dreams.
💫 omnipresent excess of emotions 💫

↑ exhibited at room69, Photos by Maria Belova 

↑ exhibited at Never at Home, Photos by Philipp Pess