auratic sentiency

video on 4 flatscreen tv 

solo position 

"digital as device"
curated by Martina Cavalli
Metronom Gallery, Modena, ITL

auratic sentiency is a 55 second video loop work created for the video wall exhibition at Metronom
Gallery in Modena, Italy. The video explores the merging of different states of reality, online, dream and physical reality towards the desire for a utopian future. These perfect sensuality soft like reality dream spaces help us to envision real spaces and possible futures, making a utopia imaginable again. A utopian world of free expression, connection and community.

the ecstasy of utopia –
a space more real than reality itself.
more dreamy than dreams.

omnipresent excess of emotions

★。. :*:・”☆★ :*:・”゚★。. :*:・”☆★ :*:・”゚★。. :*:・